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Better Livestock Bedding

Frontier Fibers provides highly absorbent, lime-injected, fiber-based bedding for dairy, livestock and equestrian markets. Our bedding is mixed with a special liming agent that combats bacteria while it’s used and keeps a pH between 11.5 and 12.5. Because we inject lime into our product, there is no need for additional liming agent in your beds or stalls. Our 100% biodegradable fiber bedding is more absorbent than sawdust and straw, and absorbs ammonia, urine and leaked milk to eliminate seepage. Using our bedding ensures your cows a high degree of comfort in a setting safe from bacteria. Our raw material is rigorously tested for bacteria counts and is free of clay, which can get caught in hooves and harvest bacteria.


Frontier Fibers recently invested in a 7 million BTU, triple pass drying system that offers a new and improved fiber mix. The fiber is superheated to endure temperatures of over 1200°F for over five minutes, eliminating pathogenic harvesting environments and moisture. Putting the bedding through this triple pass drum drying system produces a bedding that fights bacteria and reduces mastitis. Our superheated fiber is safer and more comfortable for your livestock.

How It’s Made

Raw material for Frontier Fibers bedding is procured from cardboard paper mills throughout the Northeast, unlike other beddings that are procured from waste transfer stations. This provides for a consistent and reliable supply. Reliability is one of our core strengths; our product comes from three paper mills that produce between 150-200 tons of fiber per day. Our product also goes through a refining process that fluffs the bedding to increase animal comfort. Frontier Fibers guarantees more volume, at a better price, and a better product than our competitors.

Highly Absorbent

Bedding consists of 80-90% dry matter and is more absorbent than sawdust and straw.

Easy to Handle

Lighter than sand and easy on your equipment, and in-house transportation is provided.

Healthier Livestock

Free of clay and keeps cell counts down with a pH between 11.5 and 12.5.

Superheated Fiber

Destroys bacteria harvesting environments.

Environmentally Friendly

Bedding that’s 100% biodegradable and made from recycled cardboard.


Suitable for any number of beds, stalls and cubicles.

Available Year-round

With raw materials just miles away, there’s never a shortage Frontier Fibers bedding.


Less dust, less waste and a product that’s not procured from waste transfer stations.

Environmentally and Cost Friendly Bedding

  • 3-5 Tons of Lime Injected per Load
  • Dust Free
  • Blends Throughout Lagoons
  • Used in Place of Manure and Peat Moss
  • Works Well Through Underground Pumps and Pipes
  • Breaks Down Easily in Slurry
  • Destroys Bacteria Harvesting Environments
  • Cost-effective and Lasts Longer
  • Absorbs 7-10 Times Its Weight
  • 100% Feedstock
  • No Additives
  • Bedding Can Also Be Utilized as Premium Footing for Horse Racing


More absorbent than straw and sawdust, Frontier Fibers is easy to handle and spread. Our bedding is suitable for mats, mattresses, loose-housed and deep bed cubicles and robotic systems. Frontier Fibers bedding is also great for tie stall and free stall barns. We offer a worry-free, cost-effective product that will help keep your cows healthy and comfortable. Frontier Fibers bedding is the cleanest and safest bedding that you can use.

Mats & Mattresses

You should generally apply 5-6 pounds of bedding per cow, per day. Our bedding stays on mats and mattresses, limiting dust and airborne free radicals.

Deep & Shallow Beds

Frontier Fibers bedding can be applied to existing straw or sand beds. Apply around 5-6 pounds of bedding per cow, per day, to an existing deep or shallow bed.


Mix Frontier Fibers bedding with existing bedding or use it on its own. You can use the bedding as an underlay to prolong the life of top bedding such as straw or sand.

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Frontier Fibers bedding is available year-round.

We now sell between 30-40 loads per week to farms of varying sizes, from 50 cows, up to 7,000.

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